New year, new challenges: what does it take to be a winner?

An article by Marinos Shiapanis, CEO, Campeón Gaming

We are into 2022. A year that the challenges and the fast pace will disrupt the game entirely for the whole iGaming industry. If you dare, this is the time to get out of your comfort zone, try something different, “gamble”, and fight for the best outcome. And that’s exactly what we, at Campeón Gaming, are going to do this year: get out of our comfort zone.

But, is there a secret recipe for seizing the right opportunity at the right moment? There never is. However, by examining every possibility, while thinking out of the box, you could take steps in the right direction. As we walk deeper into 2022, we can see that the players’ demands are even heavier. The reason why? Because they want to live the most realistic experience in iGaming. This is why a tailor-made experience, changing tournaments, and specific campaigns covering all needs and tastes can only elevate the players’ game within a brand.

However, the most important thing and an ever-lasting trend is to always put the players first. And that’s the core of everything we do here, at Campeón Gaming. Even though the last two years we faced unprecedented difficulties that brought us in front of a new reality, we came out stronger, more experienced, and more determined than ever; our accomplishments are evidence of that. By gaining strength from what we have achieved, like our new brand launches, new Campeones on our team, and the expansion of our offices, we thought that this year would be our time to steal the spotlight and create something unique for both our players and other operators out there.

The idea of our own technology that would fit exactly to our needs came up after we had tried various different platforms, each with its pros and cons; what we needed was a platform that would help us offer the best gaming experience to our players. What makes us stand out from all the other platforms, is that we are operators who created a platform to fit their needs, not to sell it; selling was never on the table for us. However, word got out and we had a few people who were interested in trying our product. That’s how we decided to take it to the market. “NextO” is in a constant improving mode, meaning that it will never stop getting improved, even if we feel that we have the perfect product. As I like to say, if your priority is your customer, then you’re always a winner. And when the customer is yourself, you know exactly what you need to do to be a winner.

Sometimes, I feel life is like a casino. You can never be sure when it’s the right time to go all in and take big risks. But if you don’t risk, you’ll never win.

Marinos Shiapanis on SBC Leaders new issue!

Check out the latest article on the new issue of SBC Leaders, about CGP’s CEO & Co-Founder, Marinos Shiapanis’ participation in the latest SBC Digital Summit CIS.

The recent SBC Digital Summit CIS offered delegates a range of C-level perspectives on the rapidly changing developments and opportunities across the region as CIS markets begin to remove their ‘grey status’.

The region, according to Marinos Shiapanis, CEO & Co-Founder of Campeón Gaming Partners, poses a ‘unique challenge like no other’.
When discussing the difficulties that await betting companies that are looking to enter a market place full of distinct cultural divides, Shiapanis advised operators to develop a ‘comprehensive business strategy’ and consider the intricacies of the region; be it in language, consumer behaviours or resources available.

The executive warned against operators becoming fixated on the idea of finding a ‘binding CIS approach’. Though many countries across the CIS region share common bonds, Shiapanis emphasised the need for a thorough due diligence process upon entry into each market.

“There is no such thing as a binding approach for the CIS region,” he said. “Years back, operators just thought you could secure access by offering their products in Russian language with a payment provider that could process regional payments… they were proven wrong very quickly.”

Having recently launched Campeón properties across the CIS region, Shiapanis explained that the firm’s main strategic focus was on ‘customising products and services’. “Each market needs dedicated
attention to service differing characteristics with regards to languages, payment providers, and customer service,” Shiapanis added. “The customisation of your platform is also vital, as in each CIS territory players differ widely in what choice of games they want to play. You need to get this right before you start thinking about the local legislation.”

It’s safe to say that challenges await those looking to make their entry into the CIS betting market. But despite this, betting leadership has welcomed the positive developments against the common backdrop of Western European markets which have -in recent years – tightened their regulations and compliance demands.

Well said Marinos and thank you SBC! You can check the full issue here.

Interview from SBC with Akis Tosounidis and Marinos Shiapanis, about safeguarding staff and protecting players during the pandemic.

Check out the latest interview from Luke Massey of Sports Betting Community, with Marinos Shiapanis, CEO and Co-Founder and Avraam (Akis) Tosounidis, Co-Founder and CFO of Campeón Gaming Partners.

Campeón Gaming Partners (CGP) understands that Covid-19 has brought about a difficult time filled with so much uncertainty. 

We spoke to Marinos Shiapanis, Co-Founder and CEO, and Avraam Tosounidis, Co-Founder and CFO, to learn more about managing the company through the crisis.

An important goal set by its management, therefore, was to reset strategies for all departments and focus on long-term plans, while reassuring employees of job-safety, facilitating working from home and protecting mental well-being. 

“We believe that how businesses respond to crisis and uncertainty will have a lasting impact on employee behaviour, engagement and productivity,” said Shiapanis. “Health and well-being, financial stability and job security are top concerns for employees, so we tried our best to address those fears in meaningful ways.”

To help put workers at ease, the company also tried to provide as much information as possible, as explained by Tosounidis. “We used all channels to keep all of the staff updated,” he added. “In times like this, I think good communication is absolutely necessary.”

Both Shiapanis and Tosounidis (pictured) understand the huge importance of providing day-to-day direction and ongoing emotional support. Now more so than before, company leaders must talk to employees about how they are doing more broadly, in addition to what challenges are arising in the work-from-home environment. 

With this in mind, CGP offered personalised and online advice to managers to better learn how to work with a distributive team and foster open communication. 

“It’s important to encourage employees to care for themselves,” said Shiapanis. “These are great times to show empathy, but also encouragement and flexibility, because everyone isn’t going to respond in the same way to this pandemic.”

In a matter of days prior to the first lockdown, CGP tried to safeguard all employees by providing home-working opportunities with flexible working hours, and ensuring that home-office spaces were set up with all necessary equipment and software. New laptops were provided and extra screens to make working from home as comfortable as it could be.

To emphasise this level of job security, the first wave of the virus from March through to July was the highest hiring period at CGP. During the last six months, staff numbers have almost doubled. Interviews have been held online, while onboarding and training has been carried out via various software tools that facilitate home-working.

Yet despite the quick switch to home working, CGP was also proactively looking at life after (or between) Covid times. These included moving to a bigger office space to facilitate social-distancing and decreasing the workforce in the office to 50% of total capacity with home to office shifts, all while maintaining the same goals and operational plans.

Of course, it’s not just the staff that requires CGP support. The company also took the lead in efforts to remedy players’ problematic gambling patterns at its casinos during the crisis.

Recognising the potential for players to develop addictions, an important initiative for CGP casinos was the addition of an extra ‘Time-Out’ option, as well as increased surveillance of player screen time and attentive customer support for players’ needs. 

The goal, both Shiapanis and Tosounidis agreed, was to demonstrate better understanding of the pandemic and quarantine-based concerns that could lead to gambling problems such as financial distress, isolation and boredom.

However, putting staff and player concerns to one side, Tosounidis was keen to stress the opportunities available to the company with the right management.

“As the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining!” he added. “And here at CGP we strongly believe this. Another important goal we set was to diversify our portfolio of brands and think of different approaches to increase our outreach by rekindling with partners and friends, and substituting outdated strategies to more inclusive and encompassing ones. 

“CGP has, as a result, built better relationships with providers from different countries, re-designed its internal operational vision to provide novel payment solutions and a fresh outlook for players. And this also resulted in launching two new casinos during the pandemic crisis – Wallacebet and Sons of Slots.”

Sons of Slots, launched in March 2020, and Wallacebet, brought to the industry’s attention in June 2020, are becoming an increasingly important part of CGP’s casino and sportsbook portfolio, slowly earning the trust of their loyal European players. 

Both websites are MGA licensed, and backed by a massive portfolio of top-quality games, trust-worthy payment solutions and additional features. 

“Although Wallacebet and Sons of Slots are new this year, they have already won the players’ attention,” said Shiapanis. “With 6,000 web casino games and 4,500 mobile casino games, more than 65,000 pre-match events every month, over 40,000 live matches every month, and covering over 120 sports with an offering that exceeds 250 markets, they offer a complete customer experience, the thrill of the game and the safety for payments.

“We are focusing on making both brands even more recognisable and aiming at steadily becoming leaders in the Nordic market and hopefully, across Europe. With a strong marketing strategy and campaigns across all channels (mainstream media, social media, advertising), we are building a strong case for Wallacebet and Sons of Slots soon to become established brands and conquer their rightful place among the industry leaders.”

Thank you Luke and SBC! You can check the original article here.

Marinos Shiapanis, CEO of Campeón Gaming Partners, is shortlisted for Leader of the Year, in SBC Awards 2020!

Pretty recently the shortlists from Sports Betting Community were announced and in one of them, Marinos Shiapanis, CEO of Campeón Gaming Partners has been nominated for the category Leader of the Year, in the upcoming prestigious SBC Awards 2020!

lt was under his leadership and that of Avraam ‘Akis’ Tosounidis that Campeon Gaming Partners was able to continue their growth during the uncertain year of 2020, by resetting strategies for all departments, substituting outdated mechanisms to more inclusive and encompassing one focusing on long-term plans, and reassuring employees of job-safety. Without their leadership none of the above would have come to fruition.

Well deserved Marinos and all the Campeón team wishes you good luck!

Campeón Gaming Partners are shortlisted for 3 Awards, in SBC Awards 2020!

We are thrilled about the recognition given to our brands and our efforts to constantly improve our products and ourselves.

The nomination of WallaceBet comes with great joy, as it counts less than a year and the brand has already won the players’ attention. Including 6,000 web casino games and 4,500 mobile casino games, more than 65,000 pre-match events every month, over 40,000 live matches every month, over 120 sports covered with an offering that exceeds 250 markets, WallaceBet offers a complete customer experience, the thrill of the game and the safety for payments.

The nomination of Campeon Gaming Partners as Best Affiliate Program– We work hard to build partnerships based on mutual trust and we try to ensure quality and an exceptional service in everything we do, and as a result we have built a strong affiliate network over the years thanks to the trust of our partners and affiliates.  We accomplish this by operating our own brands, creating white label solutions, supported by high-impact marketing strategies.

The final nomination goes to our CEO, Marinos Shiapanis: lt was under his leadership and that of Avraam ‘Akis’ Tosounidis that Campeon Gaming Partners was able to continue their growth during the uncertain year of 2020, by resetting strategies for all departments, substituting outdated mechanisms to more inclusive and encompassing one focusing on long-term plans, and reassuring employees of job-safety. Without their leadership none of the above would have come to fruition.

Congratulations to all the team!