What is the Campeon Gaming Partners partnership program?

The Campeon Gaming Partners Program allows you to get your players linked to your site and receive commission from redirecting them to our brands. These links allow you to tag visitors who visit your site and register to our brands. If one of your players is playing through our brands in any of our products, you will be paid a commission on the net revenue (always depending on partners’ deal).

Why should I join the Campeon Gaming Partners program?

There are many reasons to join our program. Besides the hundreds of partners who trust us check below some key points of our program:

  1. No bundling
  2. High profit – Hybrid and Custom deals offer
  3. Multilevel sub-affiliation
  4. Fast payments
  5. Low minimum payment threshold
  6. Several currencies available
  7. Unique offers and exclusive Promo pages
  8. Cutting-edge Affiliate software

What will it cost me to be a part of your program?

Being part of Campeon Gaming Partners program is completely free. There is no charge.

I have more than one website. Can I still be a member of the program?

Yes, you can have multiple websites so that you can tag your sites independently of each other using a single Affiliate account, but commissions are only paid with a single payment.

How can I register?

First of all, you should read the terms and conditions of our Program at www.campeongaming.com. You can then sign up by filling out the online registration form. Once your application has been sent and approved, you will receive an email and you can start doing business!

How does the program work?

The Campeon Gaming Partners Program allows you to earn money by redirecting customers to Campeon Gaming Partners’ brands. This is done by generating a link through affiliate platform and integrating it into your site. This link will “tag” any registered player to our brands with your affiliate account and you will be legible to commissions coming from the Net Revenue that these players generated on our brands’ platforms. It’s that simple!

Does my site provide the necessary conditions to become a member of the Campeon Gaming Partners Program?

Anyone can apply to participate in the program. We, however, reserve the right to refuse any request from any site or to cancel any member’s membership at any time.

What do I need to do from the moment I joined the program?

All you have to do is introduce the brands you need. You can start to use affiliate.campeonaffiliates.com’s banner manager to create links to your site and make use of it (after you have registered for Program, you are presented with a detailed information on this process). After this step, we do all the rest of the operations for you.

What are my responsibilities as a Campeon Gaming Partner?

We provide you with all the tools you need to increase the success rate offered by the program. We will provide you with the support you need to maximize your profits. We will keep track of players by providing a daily report on the income generated from the commissions (if you will find them at affiliates.campeonaffiliates.com and use the correct links and banners).

How do I change my account’s information?

If you are considered a partner of the Affiliate program, you will have access to affiliates.campeonaffiliates.com, where you may change your account details.

Will my website be improved if I am a Campeon Gaming Partners member?

The Affiliate program has been developed with the aim of improving returns. For this reason, you will not see a direct increase in your site traffic. With this, however, Campeon Gaming Partners brands will be added to your content and you can see an increase in the rate of return of users to your site.

In which languages can I contact the Campeon Gaming Partners Program?

At Campeon Gaming Partners, we can communicate in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and in Turkish. Depending on the language you choose to sign-up in the partnership program, our support team will communicate with you. All services such as e-mail, marketing, reporting will be offered in your language.

Can I participate in different partnership programs?

Yes, you can be a member of any affiliate program you want.

When will the commission be paid?

Your commissions will be paid through the payment method you prefer on a monthly basis within the first week of each month for the commissions of the previous. Make sure you choose the payment method when you sign up.

What payment methods do you offer?

We offer Skrill (for low amounts) and Bank transfer.

What is the minimum amount of payment to be made?

The minimum commission fee paid from your commissions is €500. For partners who prefer bank transfer for the payment method, the minimum payment amount is €500.

How is the payment of each month done?

During the first days of each month there is a bonus calculation done (regarding previous month’s given bonuses – these include given bonuses and any revenue generated by given free bonus). These amounts are then added manually per affiliate account (wherever these may apply) for the previous month period. Finally affiliate partner needs first check “Reports- > Payments History Report” for the final amount (Total commission – manual bonus) and send us his invoice (with email at: info@campeongaming.com). This will be forwarded to the accounting department (within 1-2 days) and after being checked this will be paid (within 1-3 days).

How much commission will I get?

Your commission depends on your respective commission model. If you have the “default level model” you will get the respective % depending on the level of your Net Revenue. If your model is based on % Revenue share you will get the respective % from the Net Revenue that your referred players generated in all of our products. If your model is a CPA model then your users should fulfil the CPA threshold conditions in order to “trigger” the CPA amount – CPA amount is paid only once.

For how long will I earn a commission from a player?

Based on the initial registration date, you are paid a commission for 24 months by a player you direct.

How often are my statistics updated?

Statistics referring to players’ activity are updated on a daily basis. Statistics referring to ads (clicks, impressions) are updated on real time.

How can I contact to Campeon Gaming Partners?

You can contact our Affiliate specialists at info@campeongaming.com for notifications and program details provided by Campeon Gaming Partners’s Program.

In which languages are promotional products available?

The promotions of Campeon Gaming Partners brands’ products are available in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish and Russian. Look in our Ad gallery for the material you want and if you do not find what you want please get in contact with us and we will check it.

Where can I see my statistics?

Through affiliate platform you are available to access several type of reports (traffic, earnings etc).