New year, new challenges: what does it take to be a winner?

An article by Marinos Shiapanis, CEO, Campeón Gaming

We are into 2022. A year that the challenges and the fast pace will disrupt the game entirely for the whole iGaming industry. If you dare, this is the time to get out of your comfort zone, try something different, “gamble”, and fight for the best outcome. And that’s exactly what we, at Campeón Gaming, are going to do this year: get out of our comfort zone.

But, is there a secret recipe for seizing the right opportunity at the right moment? There never is. However, by examining every possibility, while thinking out of the box, you could take steps in the right direction. As we walk deeper into 2022, we can see that the players’ demands are even heavier. The reason why? Because they want to live the most realistic experience in iGaming. This is why a tailor-made experience, changing tournaments, and specific campaigns covering all needs and tastes can only elevate the players’ game within a brand.

However, the most important thing and an ever-lasting trend is to always put the players first. And that’s the core of everything we do here, at Campeón Gaming. Even though the last two years we faced unprecedented difficulties that brought us in front of a new reality, we came out stronger, more experienced, and more determined than ever; our accomplishments are evidence of that. By gaining strength from what we have achieved, like our new brand launches, new Campeones on our team, and the expansion of our offices, we thought that this year would be our time to steal the spotlight and create something unique for both our players and other operators out there.

The idea of our own technology that would fit exactly to our needs came up after we had tried various different platforms, each with its pros and cons; what we needed was a platform that would help us offer the best gaming experience to our players. What makes us stand out from all the other platforms, is that we are operators who created a platform to fit their needs, not to sell it; selling was never on the table for us. However, word got out and we had a few people who were interested in trying our product. That’s how we decided to take it to the market. “NextO” is in a constant improving mode, meaning that it will never stop getting improved, even if we feel that we have the perfect product. As I like to say, if your priority is your customer, then you’re always a winner. And when the customer is yourself, you know exactly what you need to do to be a winner.

Sometimes, I feel life is like a casino. You can never be sure when it’s the right time to go all in and take big risks. But if you don’t risk, you’ll never win.

Our CEO, Marinos Shiapanis, in Kathimerini Newspaper!

Better jobs for young people

During 2020, Greece’s population was decreased as never before since the end of the war. It shrank by 46,000 people, as much as the (negative) balance between 131,800 deaths and 85,600 births, according to the Hellenic Statistic Authority. However, one more negative record had preceded that. During the 2008-2017 period, approximately 500,000 Greeks with high-level skills left the country, looking for a job. This equals to 4.6% of the total and most productive population of the country, as 51.4% of them belongσ to the 25-44 age group, while 70% of them are university graduates, according to the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises. This labor migration wave of high-skilled young people had a big impact on the Greek economy, which has been calculated to 15 billion euros by the Authority for universities’ reviews. Brain drain, birth deficit, and many years of recession, which was followed by the pandemic crisis, after a short recovery, are elements of the perfect storm for a volatile economy, like the Greek economy.

However, the solution to the problem, according to experts, is in the creation of prospects for young people, which, in order for them to be realistic, need the creation of quality jobs. But how easy is the creation of quality jobs and – mostly – fostering a business culture which will inspire young employees?

This question was posed by “Kathimerini” to top management executives of the Greek business world, who represent a critical amount of the quality jobs in Greece. As they say, even though unemployment is still very high, many businesses face significant difficulties to find the right employees for high-paid positions. Even though this seems like a paradox, it becomes more clear if we take into account that the connection between education and labor market is still taking baby steps. […]

“The amount of earnings, which determines the quality of a job, is largely dependent on the law of supply and demand of the moment, meaning how many candidates are available for the given positions. It also has to do with the living costs of a country, since the minimum wage does not apply fully, as in many companies – for instance in Campeón – the net average salary is more than double, compared to the minimum. Greece has the advantage of a relatively small labor market, giving the opportunity to executives to ‘grow’ fully within a company, which is something that does not happen often abroad. In addition, Greece has well-trained executives, without this reversing the fact that we face difficulties in finding the right people. In more specialized jobs, it’s even harder to find people with the right skills. At the same time, the labor cost is still very high, especially if compared to similar with Greece countries, like Cyprus, although important steps have been taken to decrease it. That being said, if a company wishes to offer big salaries, it has to take on disproportionately high indirect costs”, said Marinos Shiapanis, Campeón Gaming Partners CEO.


By Irene Chrysolora, Dimitris Delevegos, Dimitra Manifava

As published in Kathimerini newspaper 9/5/2021

*Translated from Greek by Campeón Gaming Partners