Interview from SBC with Akis Tosounidis, about CGP’s digital and technological transformation.

Check out the latest interview from Luke Massey of Sports Betting Community, with Avraam (Akis) Tosounidis, Co-Founder and CFO of Campeón Gaming Partners.

If the pace of the pre-coronavirus world was already fast, the luxury of time has now completely disappeared for iGaming operators trying to keep pace with the gambling industry’s digital and technological transformation.

Avraam Tosounidis, CFO and Co-Founder at Campeón Gaming Partners (CGP), looked at some of the new strategies and tech upgrades brought in by CGP this year, before assessing the underlying reasons why these changes would or might not ‘stick’ and their ability to meet new player demands.

Tosounidis admitted that the pandemic has brought about a faster pace of changes, adding that there is a link between the length of the crisis and permanence of changes to the business in terms of what constitutes the “new normal”.

“In situations of extreme uncertainty, leadership needs to learn quickly what is and is not working and why,” he explained. “This requires identifying and learning about unknown elements as quickly as they appear. Prior to the crisis, CGP had already been increasing the cadence of our digital and technological transformation.

“We started from the basics, remote workforces and automation. A common theme emerging is the widely held desire to build on the flexibility and diversity brought through remote working.

“Learning how to maintain productivity even as we return to office buildings after the lockdown ends, and even as we continue to automate activities, will be critical to capturing the most value from this real-world experiment that is occurring.”

Tosounidis expanded on some of these basics to outline more concrete changes to technology, investments in which “won’t be undone post-crisis” so will be there and ready if required.

This included the introduction of facial recognition, voice recognition, gesture controls, high definition displays, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

He added: “We are trying to make long-lasting changes to our platforms. In the coming times, we will see more technological advances in the gaming sector. The future development of the gaming industry will move towards greater integration of the real world. 

“We will see more global AR games and gadgets, encouraging the new generation to immerse themselves in the online casino gaming world completely. Online gaming has come a long way, and gambling is not left far behind either. Now we have the ability to allow our players to enjoy a real casino-like feel.

“We are also constantly trying to enhance our data security. Recognising any security gaps that need immediate address in order to minimise the risk.”

Any security gaps extend, inevitably, beyond player data safeguards such as facial and voice recognition to the use of safer payment methods.

“Money flowing around land-based casinos makes players a prime target for fraud,” said Tosounidis. “Digital security techniques help to ensure that digital transactions are limited, and money laundering is fully eliminated.

“The blockchain technology has also made online transactions safe and secure. Using crypto wallets and cryptocurrencies allows for safe transactions, as no details of the player are disclosed. This has boosted up the customer base in online gambling, as they feel safer while depositing and withdrawing money. Moreover, by using cryptocurrency, players will not even have to pay any commission.”

Moving through the customer journey, data-driven decision making and artificial intelligence (AI) were highlighted by Tosounidis as crucial elements for delivering a stand-out UX.

“Customer centricity is crucial for those looking to succeed in the iGaming industry,” he said. “We are evolving big data technology due to its ability to extract, analyse and process data from large data volumes. In iGaming, data is used to determine a player’s in-game activities, preferences, and interactions with other participants.

“Apart from personalised experiences, big data succeeds in ensuring players engage in their favourite games, responsibly. There is no doubt that data has a huge role to play, and now, with AI and new machine learning techniques, data can be processed faster for informed decisions to be made on time.”

Picking up on the best use of AI, he continued: “It allows processes to occur in real-time, which assures gamers of positive experiences. The iGaming sector stands to gain from AI’s ability to make suggestions on customising games and which ones to play since this trend will lead to more creative innovations. 

“Interestingly, AI has a security feature that helps regulate the industry. It can detect unusual behaviour to protect the software from hackers. Moreover, it complies with the latest standards and regulations.”

Moving boldly doesn’t mean moving thoughtlessly, said Tosounidis, who stressed that taking bold action and the ability to learn from such action are highly interrelated. 

“The real-time ability to learn during a crisis is in fact the one ingredient that can turbocharge our ability to scale quickly,” he concluded. “If a silver lining can be found, it might be in the falling barriers to improvisation and experimentation that have emerged among players, operators, markets, regulators, and organisations. 

“In this unique moment, companies can learn and progress more quickly than ever before. The ways they learn from and adjust to today’s crisis will deeply influence our performance in tomorrow’s changed world, providing the opportunity to retain greater agility as well as closer ties with our players, employees, and providers. Those that are successfully able to make gains ‘stick’ will likely be more successful during recovery and beyond.”

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Campeón’s run in Topsy Turvy is close to the finish line!

Topsy Turvy contest from Askgamblers is getting heated for sure! And CGP is on the top places!

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Interview from SBC with Akis Tosounidis and Marinos Shiapanis, about safeguarding staff and protecting players during the pandemic.

Check out the latest interview from Luke Massey of Sports Betting Community, with Marinos Shiapanis, CEO and Co-Founder and Avraam (Akis) Tosounidis, Co-Founder and CFO of Campeón Gaming Partners.

Campeón Gaming Partners (CGP) understands that Covid-19 has brought about a difficult time filled with so much uncertainty. 

We spoke to Marinos Shiapanis, Co-Founder and CEO, and Avraam Tosounidis, Co-Founder and CFO, to learn more about managing the company through the crisis.

An important goal set by its management, therefore, was to reset strategies for all departments and focus on long-term plans, while reassuring employees of job-safety, facilitating working from home and protecting mental well-being. 

“We believe that how businesses respond to crisis and uncertainty will have a lasting impact on employee behaviour, engagement and productivity,” said Shiapanis. “Health and well-being, financial stability and job security are top concerns for employees, so we tried our best to address those fears in meaningful ways.”

To help put workers at ease, the company also tried to provide as much information as possible, as explained by Tosounidis. “We used all channels to keep all of the staff updated,” he added. “In times like this, I think good communication is absolutely necessary.”

Both Shiapanis and Tosounidis (pictured) understand the huge importance of providing day-to-day direction and ongoing emotional support. Now more so than before, company leaders must talk to employees about how they are doing more broadly, in addition to what challenges are arising in the work-from-home environment. 

With this in mind, CGP offered personalised and online advice to managers to better learn how to work with a distributive team and foster open communication. 

“It’s important to encourage employees to care for themselves,” said Shiapanis. “These are great times to show empathy, but also encouragement and flexibility, because everyone isn’t going to respond in the same way to this pandemic.”

In a matter of days prior to the first lockdown, CGP tried to safeguard all employees by providing home-working opportunities with flexible working hours, and ensuring that home-office spaces were set up with all necessary equipment and software. New laptops were provided and extra screens to make working from home as comfortable as it could be.

To emphasise this level of job security, the first wave of the virus from March through to July was the highest hiring period at CGP. During the last six months, staff numbers have almost doubled. Interviews have been held online, while onboarding and training has been carried out via various software tools that facilitate home-working.

Yet despite the quick switch to home working, CGP was also proactively looking at life after (or between) Covid times. These included moving to a bigger office space to facilitate social-distancing and decreasing the workforce in the office to 50% of total capacity with home to office shifts, all while maintaining the same goals and operational plans.

Of course, it’s not just the staff that requires CGP support. The company also took the lead in efforts to remedy players’ problematic gambling patterns at its casinos during the crisis.

Recognising the potential for players to develop addictions, an important initiative for CGP casinos was the addition of an extra ‘Time-Out’ option, as well as increased surveillance of player screen time and attentive customer support for players’ needs. 

The goal, both Shiapanis and Tosounidis agreed, was to demonstrate better understanding of the pandemic and quarantine-based concerns that could lead to gambling problems such as financial distress, isolation and boredom.

However, putting staff and player concerns to one side, Tosounidis was keen to stress the opportunities available to the company with the right management.

“As the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining!” he added. “And here at CGP we strongly believe this. Another important goal we set was to diversify our portfolio of brands and think of different approaches to increase our outreach by rekindling with partners and friends, and substituting outdated strategies to more inclusive and encompassing ones. 

“CGP has, as a result, built better relationships with providers from different countries, re-designed its internal operational vision to provide novel payment solutions and a fresh outlook for players. And this also resulted in launching two new casinos during the pandemic crisis – Wallacebet and Sons of Slots.”

Sons of Slots, launched in March 2020, and Wallacebet, brought to the industry’s attention in June 2020, are becoming an increasingly important part of CGP’s casino and sportsbook portfolio, slowly earning the trust of their loyal European players. 

Both websites are MGA licensed, and backed by a massive portfolio of top-quality games, trust-worthy payment solutions and additional features. 

“Although Wallacebet and Sons of Slots are new this year, they have already won the players’ attention,” said Shiapanis. “With 6,000 web casino games and 4,500 mobile casino games, more than 65,000 pre-match events every month, over 40,000 live matches every month, and covering over 120 sports with an offering that exceeds 250 markets, they offer a complete customer experience, the thrill of the game and the safety for payments.

“We are focusing on making both brands even more recognisable and aiming at steadily becoming leaders in the Nordic market and hopefully, across Europe. With a strong marketing strategy and campaigns across all channels (mainstream media, social media, advertising), we are building a strong case for Wallacebet and Sons of Slots soon to become established brands and conquer their rightful place among the industry leaders.”

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